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Life’s Cheat Code Unlocked!

Life’s Cheat Code Unlocked!

Life is filled with different cheat codes; this is one we have used time and time again and without fail, it brings results!

In order to understand this a little better, let us paint a picture first. It’s 2010 and your’e the “new kid in town”. Your future isn’t looking very bright after you’ve just had to move from the city to the country to a town with literally 1,900 people that you can barely pronounce. Like what are you even supposed to do out there? Ride a horse?

There are 2 competing hairdressers in town and neither of them are hiring but hairdressing is something you’ve dreamed of doing since you were old enough to to tie a hair tie. The fact neither are hiring though is a bit of a bummer so you just pick your fave anddecide to offer your services for free until the boss starts to take notice of you. This gets your foot in the door and suddenly you are sweeping floors and making coffees for the clients. Consistency.

You work for months, until finally your boss offers you a school based apprenticeship which launches you head first into an exciting new career specialising in hairdressing that you absolutely adore and are feeling so blessed to have until years have passed and suddenly it’s 2016 and you’ve realised you’ve been there forever. Consistency

You dream that there is more to life and that your career doesn’t just stop there. You dream to one day move back to a big city to chase your dreams and potentially open your own salon and have your own haircare line. So everyday you start to think of haircare products that would benefit your clientele and think about how your going to do it. Consistency.

Finally, you have enough knowledge and confidence behind you that you decide to launch an exciting new venture by opening your own home boutique salon exclusive to guests on word of mouth only. This is how your business is built and every customer that leaves your salon talks about you to their friends and suddenly you have grown a beautiful circle of clientele that adore you and your skills in hair. Consistency.

The only thing left now is the haircare that you have been thinking about in your mind for as long as you can remember. The haircare that is going to change the hair game for good. The same haircare that is going to have everyone telling your story which will help your circle grow. Consistency.

This haircare must be perfect. It must be trialled and tested in salon for a number of months before even contemplating the idea of a release to the public. It must undergo multiple tests and it must withstan every possible chemical and heat damage that might come its way. But how is it possible without risking everything you own and investing all of your time and money into it? You can’t, its called consistency.

We’ve had a lot of trial and errors with SR Haircare. We hired the wrong people in the past who couldn’t quite take us to the next level. We have poured thousands into what SR is today and still we are just waiting for our “big break”.

But then writing this blog we suddenly realised something. SR Haircare IS “the big break” we are the ones that have stayed consistent throughout all the bad that has been thrown at us and we are the ones that have continued to grow throughout these years and we are the ones who withstand all damage because we are built on a strong, foundation of, thats right you guessed it, consistency.

If you consistently put effort into something you are guaranteed results. Almost like the rapid Hair Growth you’d get if you were to use our Let’s Grow Bundle consistently. Or at least that’s what our circle keeps saying.